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FACTORY DIRECT - No middleman! Value for money from the factory direct to your door!

Factory Direct Electric Bicycles At Trade Pricing

At E-bike Factory we offer trade prices to the public. We have sourced our bikes from the reputable UK based manufacturer – CycloTricity. This partnership has enabled us to design our electric-bikes from the ground upwards using their industry expertise and experience. Our main aim is to keep costs low as possible as we do to not selling to commercial bike outlets. We pass this direct saving onto you the customer, offering our products at factory discounted prices!


–                    Factory Direct – No bike stores to take a cut, therefore our products at the best prices possible.

–                    30 day returns policy – Piece of mind just in case you change your mind.

–                    0% Finance available across the range.

E-bike Lifestyle

Why an E-bike over a
standard bike?

If you considering an e-bike here are some benefits that may help with your decision:

Your commute could be quicker. You will most likely find that your journey door-to-door is shortened in length because of the extra help from the motor.

You don't sweat as much. Electric bikes give you a higher road speed and a greater air flow, meaning you can easily wear the same set of clothes you want to wear to work without arriving like a sweaty betty.

Great for busy urban areas. The extra speed and acceleration mean that you can easily stop and start in traffic and at junctions.

They're fun to ride! It's a much different experience to riding any other type of bike. It gives you the chance to sit back, relax and take in the surroundings you might not have noticed before on your journey.

It's much less effort. You won't get as easily tired on your journey when the motor is on.

You can turn the motor on and off. You basically get two bikes in one. This means you can have a leisurely cycle to work and then turn the motor off for a good workout on your journey home

Hills. Yes, they are much easier to conquer on an electric bicycle.

Carrying your shopping is bliss. The electric bike does the hard work for you here as the bike doesn't require your power to move

Less impact. Riding an electric bike is much less damaging to your knees and joints, meaning it's a great option for people of all ages and health. The general upright seating position of them also can reduce back and neck pain.

They're considered bicycles under UK Law. You don't need a driver's license to ride one and they can be used in bicycle lanes.

Advantages over,
Conventional retail.

E-bike Factory started with the notion of designing and creating a product at the best value price point.


Buying from standard retailers often means that you are paying for more as there are more costs involved. Your money is being spread across to manufacturer, whole-seller, and retailer. At E-bike Factory we are the manufacturer slash point of sale all in one! Meaning that we don't need to put our prices to cover our costs – therefore passing that saving onto you the consumer!


With some products, buying this way may mean that you sacrifice on quality. This is defiantly not the case with us. With work with a reputable manufacturer with all our operations based here in the UK. Design and quality is at the heart of what we do. This means that all spares and parts are kept in our Hampshire warehouse which allows us to dispatch swiftly. Customer's are always feeding back how much they appreciate our UK based support – we are a friendly bunch so feel free to visit our contact us page.

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