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We often receive calls and emails from customer's praising us due to the fact that we assemble our electric-bikes in Britain. Customer's have highlighted that the 'Made in Britain' badge is something that they look out for when purchasing a product as they are keen to support local manufacture.

We continue to design and build our bikes in-house at our Hampshire site because we understand the immense difference this makes to the quality and durability that our customers get to enjoy.

 There is a misconception that “Made in Britain” always comes with a premium price tag, which is true in the majority of cases. But in certain circumstances, it could actually be quite the contrary.


Design and Research &


All bikes are designed in-house at our own premises including some of the individual components. The objective of our designs is driven by fashion and ease of manufacturing. We see our electric bikes almost as a fashion accessory with which our customers can feel a sense of pride. We are also very mindful of not getting too carried away with creating something over the top as we understand the importance of riding something inconspicuous, a well proportioned lean machine. Having said that, combining great aesthetics with something practical and low manufacturing costs is easier said than done. Our designers spend many months on each bike model refining and re-designing each concept to ensure we strike the right balance


How we do it....


The design process is where we put pen to paper, in these early stages we bring all our teams together to discuss various ideas - playing with the inventing process, leading to the creation of a prototype. Once in prototype stage we test and refine the functionality of our designs whilst testing the performance of various materials. We source quality parts from reputable brands such as Shimano, SR Suntour and Tektro to name a few. This is all made possible with the support our partner brand CycloTricity who work closely with our quality team on the ground – together able to perfect the end product.




This forms an essential component to E-bike Factory's business module. Once we finalise a design, we then work on getting the consumer the best price possible, this means negotiating with each supplier. We then pass on this saving to the final link in our supply chain – to the consumer. It's as simple as that!




All our assembly is undertaken by our partner CycloTricity at their Hampshire site. Once all the individual components are tested by our qualified technicians they are then placed on our assembly line ready to be carefully installed on our bikes. This process allows us identify any possible defects before they can reach the end user. We are consistently analysing many of the assembly steps so in order to support quality and assurance of the products. Finally once the bikes have made it through our assembly stages, the products are then subject to final checks from our Head Mechanics before they go for dispatch.




All our bikes come with a 1 year full peace of mind warranty. In addition, you able to extend your warranty for an extra year at the cost of £99. All electrical components are maintenance free, which means you can service any of our bikes at any good bike store as you would a traditional bike. In the unlikely scenario that your require a replacement part, we keeps all parts on site and therefore able to dispatch these out swiftly. Rest assured that your purchase comes with UK support. Our call centre is on hand to answer your queries, again based on our Hampshire – We are a friendly bunch so your call is welcome! Why not take a look at some testimonials from customer's who have recently purchased from us.


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Learn what happens in our process.

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Learn what happens in our process.

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