Completely dead - No

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This means the fault is either in the battery, the controller, the LED/LCD or it’s just a loose connection. Do the following tests to narrow the fault down:

1- Charge the battery to the full and take a voltage measurement. One measurement when it is switched on and another when switched off. If the battery is fully charged and the voltage reads below 36V once it is on (or below 48V for 48V batteries), the battery needs to be sent to us for testing.

2- If the battery shows between 36V and 42V (or between 48V and 54V for 48V batteries), then the battery is fine. Now check the connections by unplugging the system cable from the controller and everything else on the handlebar. Plug everything back in again and see if it makes a difference.

3- If the battery is ok and the connections have been plugged in and out to no avail. Please send both your LED/LCD display and the controller for testing. We will repair/replace the faulty part accordingly.



What to do next:


1- Copy the link of this page from your browser. Contact us with a brief explanation and include the link of this page with your support request.

2- A technical advisor will be allocated to you and will contact you very soon. They will personally manage your case until it is resolved. 

3- If your product is under warranty, our technician will provide you with a unique number and a form which you must include with the items you send back to us. Please note, you must also provide proof of purchase with any items you send back under warranty.

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