Error code - 03

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This means “Abnormal hall signal from motor”. In the vast majority of cases, it is the motor cable that needs to be re-connected. Do the following:

1- Unplug the motor extension cable both from the motor and controller. Plug it back in again with the arrows aligned and pushed all the way in.
2- Check that the motor cable isn’t touching the pedal arm as this is likely to cause loose connections.
3- Set the LCD to the right wheel size and P1-P6 parameters.

4- If the motor produces abnormally loud noise, please send us a video of this so we determine if there might be a fault in the motor.

On the other hand, if the motor cable is plugged in properly and there is no motor noise yet the issue persists, then the motor cable might be faulty. Please contact us to obtaiin a new cable.

NOTE: A new cable will resolve 95% of all Error Code 03 problems. But very rarely there might be an issue with the controller or motor as well. We therefore might ask you to send us the motor and controller for testing in case a new motor cable doesn't solve the problem.


What to do next:


1- Copy the link of this page from your browser. Contact us with a brief explanation and include the link of this page with your support request.

2- A technical advisor will be allocated to you and will contact you very soon. They will personally manage your case until it is resolved. 

3- If your product is under warranty, our technician will provide you with a unique number and a form which you must include with the items you send back to us. Please note, you must also provide proof of purchase with any items you send back under warranty.


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