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With an e-bike the pedal assist feature chips in and adds to the pedals. The effort that the rider puts in, the electrical assisted motor kicks out therefore making cycling less taxing and more enjoyable. Hills become flat, less the sweat factor and reducing on your carbon footprint. Not to say the metal benefits of cycling, being outdoors with the cold breeze hitting your face with a big fat smile on your face


Making Your Daily Commute Your Daily Workout

The Guardian recently carried out a story about a film producer who has ditched his car in favour of an e-bike for a 56 mile daily round trip. Lots of people undertake similar jour Read More

What client SayTestimonials

I came down to the warehouse last week and purchased two elysium relay bikes and would just take this opportunity to say firstly thanks so much, you could not have been more helpful.
I can honestly say that was the best buying experience ever! Can you pass on my thanks to the technician guys too.
The bikes themselves have surpassed all expectations, we are thoroughly enjoying them and are surprised at just what a range they have. We live near Hindhead and so are in a quite hilly part of the countryside, and the pedal assistance is fantastic. The throttle which I have fitted to one of the bikes is excellent too, great for hill starts, and I am very glad that I had one to try. I will be coming back to you shortly to arrange to buy another throttle for the other bike, as whilst I know that its not necessary, its certainly nice to have. 
I have recommended your company to a number of people already and will continue to do so, its a fantastic product and the service was exceptional.
As we will be taking these bikes with us when we are all over Europe later this year I will try to remember to send some photos of where we get to on them.
Thanks again, 


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