Making Your Daily Commute Your Daily Workout

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Making Your Daily Commute Your Daily Workout

The Guardian recently carried out a story about a film producer who has ditched his car in favour of an e-bike for a 56 mile daily round trip. Lots of people undertake similar journeys but he travels across the Men Dip Hills into Bristol and has to face some pretty challenging hill climbs. This is where the e-Bike is essential and he reckons it’s not that much slower than actually driving. Of course it has all the health benefits that go with it because his daily commute has also become his daily workout.

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With an e-bike the pedal assist feature chips in and adds to the pedals. The effort that the rider puts in, the electrical assisted motor kicks out therefore making cycling less taxing and more enjoyable. Hills become flat, less the sweat factor and reducing on your carbon footprint. Not to say the metal benefits of cycling, being outdoors with the cold breeze hitting your face with a big fat smile on your face.

 The amount you can save using an electric bike could then justify the spend. Especially if you are  considering it for your daily commute and giving up the car. E-bikes under EU do not require a license, tax or some of the other costs associated with using a car. Average cost of charging an Lithium Ion e-bike battery is approximately 10p, which in terms can give you back 20-30 miles (depending on the e-bike range). As with cycling you have the benefit to use cycle paths and treks, therefore avoiding congestion and reducing down on your commute time against your usual drive.

 So when it comes to commuting our film producer friend Philip Dalton has seen the light, or more precisely the e-bike light. The 44 year old from Lower Godney in Somerset is the latest convert to electric bikes, the two-wheeled communing revolution storming the across the UK.

 “I've got to get across the Mendips where there are some big hills to climb,” he says. “The e-bike is brilliant as it helps me keep a good speed climbing up the hills, meaning that when I get to work I'm not exhausted. It's almost as fast as taking the car, plus it's a great wast to start the days. I love it.”

 Back in Somerset, Dalton has advice for anyone thinking of buying an e-bike. “You need to try an e-bike to really understand what it feels like and to appreciate its benefits,” he says. “When you’re out riding with the breeze blowing in your face it’s wonderful to know that you’re getting fitter, helping the environment and saving money. It feels like the future has already arrived.”

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