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Home Energy Scotland

The popularity of pedal assisted electric bikes or ebikes for short, has been growing year on year. They are a good alternative to a normal bike especially if your route includes hills, is more than 5 miles long or if you need an extra boost on the road. 

Home Energy Scotland is a Scottish Government program managed by Energy Saving Trust. Offering both personal & business loans to promote the use of e-bikes throughout Scotland, The interest-free loan makes buying an e-bike for personal or business use very affordable at less than £1 a day.

With the exception of an initial deposit, applicants must not make any other payment towards the purchase of the ebike(s) before receiving a loan offer under this programme as funding is not provided retrospectively.

The purchased ebike must comply with the UK Government's eligibility criteria 

If you would like to experience an ebike first-hand, Home Energy Scotland deliver short-term ebike trials. For more information about ebikes, to request an application form, or to learn more about the full terms and conditions please call Home Energy Scotland free on 0808 808 2282




eBike Grants for Community Organisations, Third Sector, Local Authorities and Public Sector

Transport Scotland has allocated a fund of £500,000 for round 2 of their e-bike Grant Fund. If you have a great idea for ebikes and are working within any of the above sectors in Scotland or the Scottish Isles, then this grant fund may be ideal for you.

Grants of up to £15,000 are available for 3rd Sector organisations (voluntary and community organisations (both registered charities and other organisations such as associations, self-help groups and community groups), social enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives)

Grants of up to £100,000 are available for local authorities and public sector organisations.




Personal Loan

Available to all Scottish residents, the personal e-bike loan is up to £6000 per household (capped at £3000 per bike, and a maximum of 2x bikes) interest-free and repayable over 4 years. This is an excellent way for you to buy your ebike(s) if you are based in Scotland. For further information or to request a loan application form call Home Energy Scotland free on 0808 808 2282.

The eBike loan is for up to £6,000 with a repayment period of 4 years and covers the following (per household):

  • 2 x ebikes capped at £3,000 each
  • 1 x family ecargo bike capped at £6,000
  • 1 x adaptive ebike capped at £6,000





Business Loan

Businesses in Scotland can benefit from this amazing interest free loan, with up to £30,000 available for each individual company. This can be repayed over 4 years, making the opportunity to own your own Elysium e-bike fleet affordable and accessible. For further details and/or an application form please call 0808 808 2282 or email:

The low carbon transport loan aims to support organisations that want to reduce their carbon impact and use more sustainable ways to travel for example, pedal assisted electric bikes.

The loan covers:

  • New ebike(s) (pedal assisted electric bike(s)) for up to £3,000 per bike
  • New ecargo bike(s) for up to £6,000 per bike
  • New electric adaptive bike(s) for up to £6,000 per bike unless agreed in writing by Energy Saving Trust
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